Billie Eilish - No Time To Die (Live From The BRIT Awards, London)

Опубликовано: 18 фев 2020
Listen to “No Time To Die”, the theme song for the 25th James Bond film, out now:

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See NO TIME TO DIE - in theaters April 2020.

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  • At least we know London really loves Billie 😂

  • can yall just enjoy billies voice here instead of being annoyed by the audience like stfu, u would be screaming too if you were at billies concert or just watv´ching her live. billie said herself that it boosted her confidence when they screamed.

  • Billie at 18: Hitting high notes. Me at 18: scared to smell Takis 😙

  • The fact that the live is better than editing it 😩


  • Admito que chille de nomás escuchar tu voz así, tu voz llega a el alma


  • Yo ! Hans Freaking Zimmer i didn't noticed him

  • This is perfect for Bond

  • If I wanna get goosebumps, I watch this!

  • This is a GOAT Bond song

  • My fav performance 😩

  • Her haters: She's never singing louder than other celebrities. Me: 3:26 R.I.P who said that with her.



  • 3:29 peak belt, middle

  • I hope Billie sings the belt part more but it's ok if she sings a lot softly it doesn't matter. I just want more belts that's it.

  • I’m one of your Biggest fans I listen to you like every day you’re the one of the best singers I know

  • He can't sing 😒

  • Haters: James Bond is a horrible movie 👎 *James bond has joined the chat*

  • Goosebumps..... Uuuugh! "Was I stupid to love you? Was I reckless to help? Was it obvious to everybody else?" Fool me once... fool me twice...There´s just no time to die.

  • 3:29 idk what the hell happened there but i felt whatever that was

  • I always find my way back to this video 😭😭

  • 3:26

  • Absolute aids

  • may be ..

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  • لافيوو بيلي 💗💗😭

  • This song gives me crazy goosebumps

  • يا بنت اللعيبه

    • يا بنت اللعيبه x3

    • يا بنت اللعيبه x2

  • 3:27 holy fuckin shit

  • Good song but not realy compearyble to bond

  • you guys are talking about the audience, I'm sorry for you guys but if you think that's a loud crowd please never come to a show in Brazil

  • Not heard this for a while, just have me goosebumps. Really dramatic and brilliantly performed.

  • Huge disrespect from crappy audience. You should have kept your god damn mouth shut because she performs great. And frankly all those god damn stupid kids screaming ruined the entire theme for no reason.

  • Billie Eillish my life 😘😘😍💖💖💖🤗🤗🤗🤗

  • I love you my love and my life and my life always continued you 😘😘😘😘

  • can you guys please shut up , i want to blessed my ears with billie's voice not the audience's scream. it's not the right timing duh

  • 3:30

  • I honestly hated her theme.

  • I just wanna push who scream like leeeet meeeee listeeeeeeen

  • 3:22 wow

  • Beautiful 😻

  • 소리 왜이렇게 질러대냐,,?? 진짜 생각 없는건가

  • You guys are simply amazing! Thank You! You are one of a Kind!...

  • Hans Zimmer is not used to disrespectful people at concert so I guess he's standing there thinking while performing: "Holy shit shes good, but HOLY SHIT her fans are disrespecting shitkids".

  • Johnny Marr !!!!

  • This was AMAZING like who sounds that good live?! Only her…

  • this version gives me chills

  • She is gifted ❤️ Unreal control of notes

  • All these comments about the audience screaming have made me realise that Kpop concerts have completely changed my perception of it...

  • We're all here for this moment : 3:22

  • hans deserves everything, so does billie.

  • She hits those lower notes like it's nobody's job.

  • WOW!!! me dió escalofríos

  • This is for all those people who say Billie whispers and sings

  • I cryyyy....😭😭😭 Im love you Billie♥️♥️♥️ I really cryyyyy😢😭😭😭😭😭 Billie just be the most beautifully singer and my lover😔😭😍♥️✊🏻

  • The song is reminding me of the start of Covid19😔

  • This honestly gives me goosebumps it's so good and the atmosphere is amazing! It's also so nice to see Finneas by her side they are such a good duo love you Billie 💗

  • Everyone is like oh the audience shouldn’t have screamed but actually maybe they were super excited also this is my favourite song of her

  • Most saying is the best Bond theme done so far - no gonna argue wid that but Live and Let Die will always be the the best Bond Movie!

  • 3:26

  • Came for Johnny Marr. Couldn't hear him.

  • 3:25

  • Billie Eilish is such a talented singer.

  • When this movie is finally released it is going to be the biggest hit ever.

    • Yeah will be best Bond theme ever done easy but Sheena?

  • She will become an icon.with good reason.that girl has got some real talent.

  • Its its.......😱😨wouw

  • Y’all hating on the audience knowing very well y’all would’ve done the same having been there so no bueno😙🤚👎

  • Wow, the ignorance in the comment section to the fact, there is Hans Zimmer performing with her is hurting! To be fair the management of the YT-Channel could at least mention it in the description. Music-Industry...

  • մsմαllվ í ժօղ'Ե líkҽ líѵҽ ѵҽɾsíօղ, ճմԵ աíԵհ ճíllíҽ օตցօsհ lօѵҽs sհҽ ís αตαzíղց! ♡


  • Geweldig

  • Speechless.Don't even have words to describe this performance 💓🔥💯

  • Talento

  • Omg

  • Impresionante


  • 3:20

  • Tomeee Voz porra

  • june 2021??

  • This film still hasn't come out lmao

  • can those people shut up

  • One of the Best Performances Ever at the Brits . She is just bloody amazing !!

  • oh my crush.

  • Is that Jonny marr?

  • Thought Adele was great but this is the best of all time

  • Los que decían que billie solo susurraba quedaron asi: 🤡

  • how could anyone say she whispers after seeing this video

  • I swear I come back to this performance AT LEAST once a month

  • 🎤👑LYRICS:👑🎤 🌃Verse 1:🌃 🎧🎵I should've known🎵🎧 🎧🎵I'd leave alone🎵🎧 🎧🎵Just goes to show🎵🎧 🎧🎵That the blood you bleed🎵🎧 🎧🎵Is just the blood you owe🎵🎧 🎧🎵We were a pair🎵🎧 🎧🎵But I saw you there🎵🎧 🎧🎵Too much to bear🎵🎧 🎧🎵You were my life🎵🎧 🎧🎵But life is far away from fair🎵🎧 🎧🎵Was I stupid to love you?🎵🎧 🎧🎵Was I reckless to help?🎵🎧 🎧🎵Was it obvious to everybody else🎵🎧 🌃Chorus:🌃 🎧🎵That I'd fallen for a lie?🎵🎧 🎧🎵You were never on my side🎵🎧 🎧🎵Fool me once, fool me twice🎵🎧 🎧🎵Are you death or paradise?🎵🎧 🎧🎵Now you'll never see me cry🎵🎧 🎧🎵There's just no time to die🎵🎧 🌃Verse 2:🌃 🎧🎵I let it burn🎵🎧 🎧🎵You're no longer my concern🎵🎧 🎧🎵Faces from my past return🎵🎧 🎧🎵Another lesson yet to learn🎵🎧 🌃Chorus:🌃 🎧🎵That I'd fallen for a lie🎵🎧 🎧🎵You were never on my side🎵🎧 🎧🎵Fool me once, fool me twice🎵🎧 🎧🎵Are you death or paradise?🎵🎧 🎧🎵Now you'll never see me cry🎵🎧 🎧🎵There's just no time to die🎵🎧 🎧🎵No time to die🎵🎧 🎧🎵No time to die🎵🎧 🌃Ending:🌃 🎧🎵Fool me once, fool me twice🎵🎧 🎧🎵Are you death or paradise?🎵🎧 🎧🎵Now you'll never see me cry🎵🎧 🎧🎵There's just no time to die...🎵🎧 (I apologize if there's any mistake in the lyrics [if there is pls do tell me so i can fix it], hope this lyrics helps for you to sing along and have fun!~ ●v●)


  • I love you



  • بیلی تو عالی هم صدات و هم خودت و هم داداشت شو ما دو تا استوری زندگیمیم

  • Guys thats fucking Johnny Marr on the guitar

  • 1:42

  • 3:25